Christmas Retreat Dublin

Are you so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done; the word Christmas has started to send shivers down your spine? 
It's time to hang up your pinny, put away your Christmas list and steer clear of the shopping centres... least for a little while...
You're invited to join Louise Tyrrell; Wellness Mentor, Yoga Teacher & International Speaker for an afternoon of well deserved recreation, relaxation and refreshment!

Come along on Sunday 8th Dec from 2 pm - 5 pm to the Emmaus Centre, Swords Co. Dublin, where you will be treated to a sensational selection of relaxation therapies so that you are once again fighting fit to do battle with the shops, the shoppers and the snowfall! - EARLY BIRD € 37

"She knows her stuff. Loved it! Everybody loved it!" Patricia
"Definitely recommend it! Feel so much calmer... She's just amazing!" Kiera
Spaces Are Limited To JUST 20 Women - So Act Fast Before They're All Gone!
Enjoy gentle yoga sessions with other kind-hearted women, so that you can gently restore your health and wellbeing from the inside out.
Take part in our mindful meditations clinically proven to quickly help you let go of worries and calm your mind.
Sit back and relax during a sensational aromatherapy session guaranteed to ease your tired and aching muscles, soothe the senses and leave you feeling as though you can effortlessly conquer the world.  
PLUS... You'll Also Be Invited To ...
Continue your wellness journey long after the day has finished. You'll be provided with easy to read and extremely practical handouts. Sharing tips, strategies and solutions to help you prolong the health benefits you experience on the day.

But that's not all!

You'll also have instant access to over €37 of EXCLUSIVE bonuses so that you can get a 'jump-start' on feeling calm, relaxed and in control of your health!

Wellness Habits eBook
 (Value €17)
The Miraculous Power Of Fruit and Vegetables eBook
 (Value €17)
Christmas Cooking Made Simple eBook 
(Value €7) 
Imagine if this year the festive season rolled around and you were able to take it all in your stride...

Wouldn't That Be A Happy Christmas!  BOOK EARLY BIRD NOW - ONLY €37

Here's What You Can Expect From The Day -
Patricia & Jackie
"She knows her stuff. Loved it! Everybody loved it!"
It was a wonderful retreat, just what I was looking for. Balanced and in tune with nature, fabulous surroundings at the Emmaus Centre. 
I feel at one with myself !
Louise's event was excellent. Her warm & personable self combined with years of experience made for a very enjoyable & relaxing day.  I really enjoyed the yoga practice & picked up so many tips which will help me live in a more mindful way.  I left today feeling uplifted, relaxed & calm. Thank you Louise for a fabulous day!
"Definitely recommend it! Feel so much calmer... She's just amazing!"

Click the button so that you too not only feel lighter, peaceful and fully rested but also, truly ready to take on the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season! 
** these Retreats always fill up fast so Book Now to avoid disappointment **
Can I park at the Emmaus Centre
Yes, there is plenty of free parking 
What do I need to wear?
Please wear loose comfortable clothes (leggings or tracksuit bottoms with t-shirt and sweatshirt) so that you are able to move freely.
What happens if I arrive late?
Please do your best to arrive at 10:15 so that we can start at 10:30. However, we understand that sometimes things outside of our control interfere with even the best laid plans.  If you do happen to arrive after 10:15, you are still welcome. Please walk in quietly and join us.
Can I still come if I currently have an ache, pain or injury?
If you suffer with aches, pains or have an injury, please let Louise know at your earliest convenience. With over 20 years’ experience teaching yoga and mind-body health, I can help you and often people get great relief. If you need to, you can sit on a chair for the yoga sessions and will be included in everything.
Do I need to have practiced yoga before?
No. You do not need any previous yoga experience to enjoy the yoga sessions they have been specifically created to accommodate all ages and abilities.
What type of yoga will we be doing?
Louise will take you through a gentle yoga for wellness routine, which is a soft style of yoga, suitable for all ages and abilities.
Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
It is not necessary for you to bring a yoga mat with you as one will be provided for you. However, if you have a mat which you would like to bring you are more than welcome.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
Please bring a pillow and blanket so that you can feel warm and comfortable during the wonderful relaxation sessions.
What if I have allergies?
Please let Louise know in advance if you have any allergies, e.g. gluten or dairy intolerance's, so that we can arrange to have allergy free snacks and refreshments for you. 

Act fast to secure your space and be one of the 20 who will be treated to an afternoon filled with inspiration, education and encouragement leaving you motivated, happy and blissful!