Do You Feel Overworked, Stressed Out And Completley Exhausted?
Did You Know That If Left Unchecked Even Small Amounts Of Stress Can Lead To MAJOR Health Problems Later On In Life?
(National Institute on Aging and the National Institutes of Health)
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#3: 5 Winter-Warming Wellness Tips To Start Your Day, The Right Way!
5 Winter Warming Wellness Tips to Start Your Day, The Right Way! By Louise Tyrrell; Transformational Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and International Speaker
Read on to discover some fabulous tips to get you through the winter blues.
First things first, I hope you enjoyed Christmas and had an uplifting New Year.

My family and I, sat around the beautifully decorated table and were all about to tuck into the turkey when a sense of sadness filled the air…

We were remembering my Dad who sadly passed away a few years ago.

Christmas is just not the same without him...

Thankfully, very quickly, our memories turned to ones of his energetic, life-loving and enthusiastic spirit and we came together knowing he would want us to make the most of our lives.
#2: Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga
A flashback to the Introductory Video to Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga and Wellbeing by Louise while working at the Wellbeing Institute, Dublin, Ireland. 

Louise currently teaches specialist yoga classes for beginners and over 55s in; Malahide, Swords and Portmarnock.
#1: Practice Makes Progress
Practice Yoga So That You can improve balance, flexibility & Strength. 

Most of all Enjoy Yoga! 

If you live in or near Swords or Malahide contact me for details of our wonderful weekly Yoga classes - So That you can wake with energy and enthusiasm to enjoy every day, living life with ease.... 

Enjoy the sunshine, Lots of love Louise
Louise Tyrrell; Wellness Mentor, Yoga Teacher & International Speaker
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Hi, I'm Louise Tyrrell
I'm a Wellness Mentor, Yoga Teacher and International Speaker.
I'm the founder of ZenLife Yoga Retreats and Wellness Of Women; an online safe space for women who are ready to finally achieve all of their wellness goals.
I help hard working women who are burdened by the stresses and strains of modern living safely find peace, joy and happiness in their lives again.
The only problem is, you're so busy trying to get through everything already clogging up your never-ending to-do list, slowing down and taking care of yourself is the absolute last thing on your mind!
Join me as I take my 20+ years of knowledge and break it down into simple strategies which you can sprinkle throughout your day so that you can finally feel calm, confident and in control of your life again, even if you are the busiest person on the planet!
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Beginners - Now Online !
Supporting, Guiding and Encouraging Beginners of All Ages To Start Your Yoga Journey In A Safe Gentle Way.
Yoga has been scientifically proven to:
  • REDUCE stress, anxiety and promote relaxation
  • IMPROVE flexibility, strength, stamina, mobility, range of motion, and balance
  • PREVENT life-limiting conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and auto-immune disorders.
EXPLORE the ancient practice of yoga in a safe, supportive and secure environment so that you can confidently take back control of your health and well-being.
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Specifically Tailored Relaxing, Soothing And Calming Yoga Sessions Designed For 
Women Over The Age Of 50.
Incorporating Yoga into your weekly routine:
  • BOOSTS the immune system 
  • HELPS heal common aches and pains in the back, legs and neck
  • IMPROVES and helps maintain the health of muscles, joints, and organs 
UNCOVER the safe, effective and accessible exercise regime empowering thousands of women over 50 to embrace a life blessed by increased flexibility, better balance, heightened emotional resilience and a long-term reduction in physical aches and pains.
Yoga Classes are Live Online !
Experience the amazing benefits of Yoga 
at a time to suit you, without having to leave your living room! 
Practicing Yoga:
  • EASES aches and ailments and reduces stress
  • HELPS to maintain your flexibility
  • INCREASES happiness and well being and helps you unwind after a busy day at work.
DISCOVER gentle stretches and easy breathing techniques to help you relax your body, calm your mind and soothe your soul! 
Start Your Online Yoga Journey So That You Can Feel Rejuvenated, Revitalised And Restored from the comfort of home.

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