5 Winter-Warming Wellness Tips 
To Start Your Day The Right Way !

Louise Tyrrell | 15-01-2020
5 Winter Warming Wellness Tips To Start Your Day, The Right Way! By Louise Tyrrell; Transformational Health Coach, Yoga Instructor & International Speaker Founder ZenLife
Read on to discover some fabulous tips to get you through the winter blues.

First things first, I hope you enjoyed Christmas and had an uplifting New Year.

My family and I, sat around the beautifully decorated table and were all about to tuck into the turkey when a sense of sadness filled the air…

We were remembering my Dad who sadly passed away a few years ago.
Christmas is just not the same without him...

Thankfully, very quickly, our memories turned to ones of his energetic, life-loving and enthusiastic spirit and we came together knowing he would want us to make the most of our lives.

So we took the time to reflect on the year just past and more importantly, to look at all the wonderful opportunities for a truly happy and healthy 2020 – just like you do I’m sure!
So, to help get you started on your road to a happy and healthy 2020, I’ve put together 5 Winter Warming Wellness Tips you can use to start every day tuned into the magic of this cosy season.

Your 5 Winter-Warming Wellness Tips

 Tip#1) This first tip came about after talking to Linda recently after the beginners yoga class in Swords. She said, 'Stretching has brought my body back to life!" She wouldn’t be without her weekly stretch! 

When you wake up in the morning and step out of bed, stretch your arms overhead, then bring them out wide and make a big circle. Do this a few times to get your heart pumping and the oxygen and energy flowing gracefully through your body. Then shake your arms, hands and fingers so that you can relax any tired, sore or aching muscles. Very quickly, your body will feel energised, enlivened and exhilarated!
Tip #2)  If you joined the 7-Day Yoga Challenge before Christmas, dig out your emails and go back around again. If however, you missed the challenge, don’t worry, while it’s not live any more, you can still receive the 7-Minute videos sent to your inbox. Simply enter your information below to join the challenge for free!

This challenge is great whether you go to regular Yoga classes such as; Nuala who goes to the Over 55’s yoga session in Portmarnock. She took on the 7-Day Challenge as an extra boost before Christmas and absolutely loved how it gave her energy for the whole day! Or if like many others you're brand new to yoga and are looking for a fun way to increase your stamina, strength and stability in less than 7 minutes a day!
Tip #3) Before breakfast take a few moments to enjoy a mug of warm water infused with a slice or squirt of fresh lemon. Lemon is one of the detoxifying citrus fruits and can help to clear out any latent toxins which are hanging around in our liver. It’s especially helpful if you enjoyed yourself a little too much over the festive season…  
Tip #4) It sounds simple but… dress for the weather. Try to ensure that your lower back is covered so that your back and kidneys stay warm. The winter season is also a great opportunity to dig out your neck scarves or polo neck jumpers so that you can keep your neck and shoulders warm which helps to prevent physical stress and prevent tension from building up, something which happens to many of us after we spend hours huddled over a computer/laptop keyboard.
Tip #5) This tip is inspired by Anne at the Over 55’s yoga class in Malahide mentioning how her shoulders have improved immensely, feeling so much more relaxed since starting yoga.

When you leave your house on a cold morning, take the time to check that your body is not tensing up, especially your shoulders. Every so often, take a couple of deep breaths and focus on your shoulder area. If they’ve tensed up, simply roll your shoulders or shrug them up and down to release the build-up and carry on with your day.
By incorporating these simple tips into your morning routine you’ll be able to give your body and mind the best start to the day!

When we feel physically well, we can’t help but feel emotionally and mentally stable.

After my dad died I struggled a lot with stress and sleepless nights and there were days, especially in winter when I dreaded stepping out of bed and instead would have preferred to hide under the covers!

Since incorporating these simple tips into my morning routine, I not only feel more positive about the day ahead, everything in my day just seems to flow better! 

So, here’s to enjoying January 2020 and if last January is anything to go by ... it will fly by!

Take the time to make the most of every moment and this year will be your best yet!

Lots of love


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